Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Coming Up Next

After the success of my last brew I decided to take a minute to figure out what my next steps were in regards to the question of "Where do I go from here?".

Obviously #1 on that list was to brew more beer so I placed an order with Austin Homebrew Supply. The order contained a couple random things (hop sacks, etc.), a wort chiller (!), and most importantly supplies for a Rye Pale Ale. I know it is winter now and most people traditionally look for something a bit darker and malty-er to warm yourself up, but what beer selection would be complete without a nice crisp Pale Ale? Amazingly enough I placed this order on a Sunday 12/4, by Tuesday 12/6 it was on my front doorstep. Now that is impressive! Now it looks I will be brewing a Ryen's Pale Ale later this week.
A couple other things that I look forward to completing in the coming weeks to upgrade the kegerator include:
  1. Installing a false bottom on the fridge for maximum space utilization. Doing this should let me store 4 kegs in the fridge. 
  2. Getting more corny kegs and more taps! Need a place and a way to dispense all that good beer. 
  3. Prepping the fridge to dispense from (hopefully) 4 kegs.  This should be fun...
Hopefully I will have a write up of how the RPA Brew Day went later this week. Till then, Prost!

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